AMSPAR (accredited training centre)

AMSPAR provide various training courses (AMSPAR approved), which can be used to enhance your own personal development or demonstrate your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Courses can be delivered on-line or by attendance at our Head Office in London.

Group courses can be arranged nationally by arrangement.

Each course is approved by AMSPAR and all participants will receive a certificate of participation /CPD.

Please find below a list of available training courses for 2018

A001 - Introduction to Practice Management

A002 - An introduction to Practice Operation and Development

A003 - An introduction to Finance

A004 - An introduction to Human Resources

A005 - An introduction to Risk Management

A006 - An introduction to Information Technology

A007 - An introduction to Partnerships

A008 - An introduction to Premises and Equipment

A009 - An introduction to Patient and Community issues

A010 - An introduction to Population Care

A011 - Contractual and legal requirements in general practice

A012 - How to assess and improve ACCESS

A013 - Understanding Patient Choice

A014 - The structure of the NHS

A015 - Working with your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

A016 - Commissioning

A017 - Commissioning for long-term conditions

A018 - The patient perspective

A019 - Monitoring performance and audit

A020 - Knowledge management and use of the internet

A021 - Understanding prescribing

A022 - How to develop effective procedures and policies

A023 - How to effectively manage staff

A024 - Working with the voluntary sector and charities

A025 - Developing your practice improvement plan

A026 - How to appraise staff effectively

A027 - How to write a business plan/case

A028 - Health and Safety at work

A029 - Understanding employment rights for staff and employers

A030 - How to conduct practice meetings

A031 - How to develop and get the most from your patient participation group

A032 - An introduction to medical terminology

A033 - Understanding the GP contract

A034 - CQC smart tips for survival

A035 - Developing best customer care and service for patients

A036 - Equality and Diversity in general practice

A037 - Dealing with confidentiality and consent issues

A038 - Marketing your practice

A039 - Understanding information governance

A040 - How to manage change effectively

A041 - Successful recruitment of staff

A042 - How and when does mediation work?

* please note that course may be amended or withdrawn at any time following feedback from course participants.  This is to ensure that all available training reflects the current needs of students.  This also ensures that there is always a full range of training available to meet personal development and CPD needs.