AMSPAR (accredited training centre)

The Diploma consists  of the four modules needed for the certificate.  These are mandatory.  There are also two further modules which will need completion.  Students may elect to choose two optional modules from four available.  Finally, students will be required to complete a business case and plan.

Each module is completed by assignment and assessment.  Students will normally be expected to undertake a presentation of their business plan with their centre assessor / tutor.  Please note that this element of the course is externally assessed by Ctiy and Guilds.

Module 1 (Unit 601)*

Managing medical ethics and legal requirements in a primary care and health environment

Module 2 (Unit 602)*

Financial management and budgeting in a primary care and health environment

Module 3 (Unit 603)*

Managing information and communication in a primary care and health environment

Module 4 (Unit 604)*

Developing and leading teams to achieve organisational goals and objectives

Module 5 (Unit 605)**

Business Plan / Business Case

Developing or improving services in a primary care or health environment

Module 6 (Unit 606)***

Developing critical thinking

Module 7 (Unit 608)***

Managing for efficiency and effectiveness

Module 8 (Unit 609)***

Managing recruitment

Module 9 (Unit 615)***

Becoming an effective leader

* Mandatory module

** Mandatory module - externally assessed

*** Optional module - 2 of 4 to be completed only